Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Non-Zoo" Activities

by Chovy

With our membership, Axel and I go to the San Diego Zoo about once every two weeks.  He loves it, but not always for the reasons you'd expect.  I think Axel is beginning to take it for granted that we get to see all these exotic animals all the time. . . see for yourself, here are some of Axel's favorite "non-zoo" activities from the day.

climbing the playground tower with Mason

taking the Skyfari gondola ride - you can actually see lots of animals from above

jumping off the log by the polar bear exhibit, OVER and over again (no time to see polar bears though)

Crab walking in the street

Hugging and "climbing" the tree at the monkey exhibit:

Sharing pretzels with friends, never mind the huge orangutan sitting 3 feet away:

riding Mommy's shoulders when you're too tired to walk back to the car

In the end, I guess we did manage to find time to see one animal

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