Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finding Nemo and other Sea Creatures

Today we visited the Chula Vista Nature Center.  Its kind of like Sea World without the Disneyland vibe, much smaller and much more remote and peaceful.  Its a nature preserve so they have some good hiking trails too.

Mason and Axel found Nemo:   

Ellis showed Axel the sting rays:

Axel was pretty excited to see the tank with the bubbles, aka jelly fish:

The kids examined a sculpture made from plastics found littered on the beach:

There was time for us to make our own crafts too:

By the end of the day, we saw sea turtles, sting rays, sharks, eagles, clown fish, owls, cool art, and we decorated our own paper turtles.  Afterwards, when we got home, what did Axel talk about non-stop?  

Riding the bus.


  1. Your post is HILARIOUS Chovy! This is such a great summary of the wonderful time we had. And the bus ride - yeah, that was pretty much The Best Thing On Da Planet And Then Some for sure ;)...
    Little boys - they crack you up all the time! Axel is doing a real good job - he's the cutest little feller I've ever know :)!!

  2. I've ever KNOWNnnnnnn (cannot edit comment now) Hey it's early already! I'm an ESL-er, so I'm excused alright ;)