Friday, July 6, 2012

Family Vacation in Florence

We took a family vacation to Italy last week.  
Axel brought his favorite toy trains with him EVERYWHERE.

We ate lots and lots of pasta, as well as gelato at least twice a day

even Axel got in on the gelato tasting

In Florence, Axel was only mildly impressed with Michaelangelo's David.  I was awestruck. 

He was much more impressed with riding on top of our shoulders

In fact, he did most of his sightseeing on top of our shoulders.  
Here he is at the Palazzio Vecchio, the city's ancient palace. 

While Axel was playing with his trains in the palace, 
I was inspecting the old medieval toilets . . . fascinating!

Amongst all the Florentine art, we discovered a John Singer Sargent exhibit (arguably one of history's best portrait painters) and afterward Axel and Raina were inspired to create a little artwork of their own

Italy was competing in the Eurocup final, so we watched the game outside with the locals, super exciting and authentico - too bad they lost! 

After much suspicion and several refusals, 
Axel finally agreed to ride the carousel in the Piazza della Repubblica

In Bologna, we enjoyed a beer in the university square (while Axel enjoyed his trains), later we ate one of the most delicious and romantic meals of our lives thanks to the electronic babysitter (iPad) and to the amazing chef/owner at Cafe Rossi 

The trip was one of our first real family vacations, overall a fun adventure and surprisingly sweet bonding experience.  :)

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