Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baseball Game with Grandpa

Baseball: the family tradition with my Dad.  Here we are at the Padres game, Axel and Honus are goofing off while Dad carefully writes down the lineup for scientific tracking purposes

the family photo - while Dad has one eye on the game

 Axel thought it was hilarious to use his baseball glove (inherited from Honus actually) as a hat

Me and my dad and my son at the ball game, it doesnt get any better than this

I'll keep this picture just in case he becomes a big baseball star later . . . doh! the glove is on the wrong hand!

Guys are so cute at sporting events . . .

Petco park has a great hill behind the field where all the kids can go to get a break from the game.  Axel was already there by the bottom of the first inning.  

Honus showed Axel the classic "roll down the hill" game.  Repeat, repeat, repeat . . .

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