Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Reunion: Hanging Around the House

This summer we hosted a family reunion for ALL of Axel's cousins.  It was super fun, definitely chaotic, and kind of ridiculous since we all stayed under one roof.  Even though we did lots of sight seeing together, some of the best moments were when we were just hanging around the house.  

Tillie (and all the kids) got along great with Luna

 Word got around that Karsten cuts kids hair, so the boys shared a little primping session to get ready for all the important upcoming photo ops

Tillie, Jen, and Maddy June played ball on the deck

Self portrait of Annabelle, Axel and me

When things got too crazy we took a break and let the kids watch a movie

And Axel spread the train obsession to the other two year olds - now Django is totally hooked

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