Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Legoland with my BFF

Last Saturday Axel went to Legoland with his best buddy Mason.  The impending excitement during the car ride over there was ridiculous: oh boy oh boy, you mean I get to see BOTH Mason AND Legolang?!?!  Its just too much!!

First they played at Duploland:

Then they rode the train together: 

then they went on the boat ride:

Then they tried the airplane ride, which Mason loves, but Axel got scared.  
We couldn't get off until it was over, so it was a little traumatic, poor little guy!

Then they climbed the rope ladder onto the castle fort and got all sweaty running around:

Since we're in a "heat wave", we decided to cool off at the water park

When baby Hunter joined, things got a little crazy

Overall, a totally fun day! 

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