Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas in Sunny San Diego

The holidays in San Diego are kind of weird.  Its so sunny and warm here, so the people have to get really creative to come up with that "cozy holiday feeling" without any snow, warm winter weather, excessive palm trees, etc.

As an example, here Axel is wearing his Jewish holiday crown, adorned with dreidels and the Star of David.  This homemade festive accessory was created at his non-denominational (very PC) preschool.

There is also a tradition in San Diego called "December Nights" where 300,000 people battle it out for limited parking and then wander around Balboa park to shop at crafty vendor tents and enjoy the Christmas decorated museum campus.  This being my first time there, I didnt really "get it".  Maybe I missed something.  But it WAS nice to get into the Model Train museum for free.

The next day we went to Legoland (with Axel's buddy Mason) to see legoSanta siting on his legoSleigh next to the legoChristmas tree.

Being naturally suspicious, Axel refused to sit on the real Santa's lap at the train museum the previous evening, so by comparison he was downright cuddly with legoSanta - this was as close as he would sit for the picture (ready to bolt at a moment's notice):

Also at Legoland we went boating.  Axel drove.  I navigated. 

Happy Holidays San Diego, soon we will be off to Denmark for the real deal!

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