Sunday, January 20, 2013

Soccer Practice Pressure

Yesterday Axel had his first day of soccer practice.   Arjun, his best friend from preschool, had invited Axel to be his buddy for the class, so for weeks every time I saw Arjun he reported to me that he and Axel were going to play with the soccer ball soon.  Axel had also been looking forward to it, but when the big day finally arrived, the performance anxiety set in and he suddenly didn't want to go.  

We convinced him to go but he spent the first half of the session apart from the group, "observing" and practicing the coach's drills at a safe distance of 20-25 feet from any other child. 

His favorite was the kicking the cone drill 

By the end of practice, he finally joined the other kids - its a good thing this class is 10 weeks!!

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