Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bubbles with Marisol - and Avoiding Kisses

Superbowl: Male Bonding Starts Early

Axel and his buddies Miles & Ryland totally enjoyed the Superbowl.  It was a typical boys night with plenty of comradery, sports talk, and bad behavior.

watching the game with munchies . . .

 discussing the plays at halftime . . . (while Miles hoards the balls in his wagon)

tormenting the poor little lady in the wheel chair . . .

getting in her face like little hoodlums . . .

FYI, she recovered nicely

and finally: taking off shirts, standing two inches from the screen, and riding off on hot wheels.   

all in all, a typical evening of male bonding over sports!

Farmor's Eggs

For breakfast last week Axel requested Farmor's eggs - soft boiled eggs perched on a little stand - we eat them all the time in Denmark.

The best part is smashing the egg with the spoon

 then peeling the shell off

then admiring and eating your handiwork! 

Nothing to Do with Soccer But Still Very Important

A lot of what Axel learns at soccer practice has absolutely nothing to do with soccer. 

 For example, here is the drill about following directions: at every practice the coach gives out stickers to any kid who can sit still in a close circle for a few seconds in a row (not an easy task for a two-year-old).

TEAMWORK means putting your hands in the middle together for a group cheer

And the biggest reward for 30 minutes of this type of deep concentration and effort: playing on the playground with Arjun - we'll miss you Arjun, good luck in your move to Chicago!