Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cousin Fun in Seattle

A couple of weeks ago we went to Seattle to visit my brother and his family.  Axel and his cousins had THE BEST time together: they played non-stop the entire weekend, and (amazingly) there was hardly any fighting.  As parents we know this kind of chemistry is rare, so naturally we've already booked our tickets to come back again.  

Shopping for cheese (this counts as a full meal when on vacation)

Snack Time

Every outing was preceded by a few minutes of romping in the driveway

Axel's tried his First Slumber Party.  It was a great success: all the kids slept through the night and they even woke up late . . .  its a miracle!!

Watching videos on the couch

The house had chickens, which Axel got to feed.

He seemed a little disappointed when they didn't immediately snarf the food he gave them (like Luna does)

Maddy June let Axel borrow her bikes.  

 He needs a little practice on the training bike, he just walked it the whole way . . .

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