Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Playmates in Portland

I was missing my best friend, so last weekend we took a trip to Maine to visit Michelle.  Unlike our home in San Diego, Michelle's place in Portland is pretty remote, so the weekend involved a lot of nature, exploring the yard, cooking homemade meals, and good old fashioned family time.  It was lovely, a real bonding experience for both me and Axel with our friends, plus I always feel so proud of him when we travel alone together - he did great!  

Axel and Cora baking muffins

Gardening = finding the prize . . . BUGS!!

We hiked up a mountain at the state park and then took a snack break at the top

Colin is definitely a cuddler

These kids take their yard work VERY seriously!

Best part about grocery shopping is holding the umbrella and the vitamins  
. . . does this kid have it all figured out or what? ;)

Axel had a very enthusiastic coach for the potty training, 
because his many successes led to Cora getting treats too

Gotta say the Boston airport gets a 10 for having an awesome kids play area.  
And lucky for me, Captain Axel had a perfect flight home.  

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