Thursday, June 27, 2013


This weekend we went camping at a camp ground on Palomar Mountain (about 90 minute drive from San Diego). This was Axel's first camping experience and after a rocky start (including multiple complaints about flies and other bugs etc.) he had a great time.

As usual we had air mattress problems. We ended up having to inflate it old-style (and it still was horrible to sleep on).

I decided to try an old recipe from my youth (I had an illustrious 6-month boy scout career as a 7 year old). "Sno-brΓΈd" (literal translation is "twirled bread") is made by twirling dough onto sharpened sticks and then cooked over the camp fire. You can put stuff like hot-dogs or ham and cheese inside. It came out ok but I need to work a little on the execution.  

Our friends Christian and Kelly joined us along with their two boys Miles and Ryland. The boys quickly formed a scooter gang.

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