Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bedtime Stories with Charlotte

It became a bedtime ritual that Charlotte read stories to the kids at night.  They loved it so much, sometimes it went on for an hour!  Top requests were either comic books or T-rex Trying.  

Sink or Swim

The vacation home (with a pool) finally cured Axel of his fear of swimming.  He started off needing to be held/ hugged in the water by an adult, then every day for two weeks he got a little bolder, until finally by the end he was running and jumping into the pool by himself - yeah!  Admittedly, he used the assistance of a million floaty devices. . .

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ipad Addiction

Quality time with Thilde, this is how Axel spent a majority of his vacation:

Day Trip to Tourtour

Day trip to a small French town called Tourtour

You have to speak softly in the church

Now you can be loud again

checking out the huge compass that points the direction of all the nearby towns

Mikkel and his family

Resting with a view of the countryside . . 

and off running again!

Ice Cream Galore

On vacation, Axel gets ice cream with EVERY meal.

Bathing Cousins

The non-Waterfall Excursion

We tried to go swimming at the Cascade waterfall, but because of a landslide last year, it was closed to swimmers.  No signs were posted along the hike until we reached the water - A BIT disappointing, but on the bright side, we did get to climb around on the rocks and river trees.

Nutella, not Peanut Butter

In Europe, they think peanut butter is revolting.  Instead, they go crazy for Nutella, which is TOTALLY different.  This morning Axel enjoyed the "classic children's breakfast" of Nutella on french bread.  Mmmm hazelnut...

Moms at Play

While the kids are away, the moms will play!  

Thanks for an AWESOME week spent together Molly! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to Catch a Ball

The other day Vincent came over and decided to teach Axel some techniques with the ball.  It hadn't really occurred to me to give my kid sporty instruction . . . he actually improved quite a bit. 
Thanks, Coach Vincent!

They also played soccer. They may have committed a few illegal moves, but they were pretty cute together!