Thursday, August 15, 2013

Violet Visits

Grandpa and Violet visited us this past weekend, so we showed them the California beaches

It didn't take long for Violet to steal the show

She won Axel over by playing pillow flights with him.  
After that he pretty much demanded pillow fighting all weekend long.

At the zoo riding the turtles . . 

One of the coolest things we saw was the Komodo Dragon being fed by the zoo keeper

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Red Hook

We ended our Seattle trip with dinner at the Red Hook Brewery.  Mmmm, beer and barbeque . . .

Back to Seattle

On the way back to Seattle we stopped in Port Townsend where Axel was beamed up to the Mothership.

Milk break on the ferry ride

Seattle skyline

Land ho!

The River

The campsite had a river nearby that provided hours of entertainment for the kids.

Whatever Maddy did . . 

 . . . Axel had to do too.

They were pretty cute together

When Axel was learning the technique of how to skip stones, 
he accidentally launched a rock into his own face (note the cut above his eye)

Nothing an icepack can't fix

The trees were huge and beautiful

Grandma was looking dapper

Annabelle loved playing the "write-on-my-back with your finger" game


Maddy taught Axel how to use the lacrosse stick

He mastered the "tough athlete" look all on his own

Camp Life

Breakfast burritos are always a hit.

 The most prized possession in camp: a flash light

Ready to play with the cousins.

Snuggle time (and Miller time)

Uncle Tom was camp cook (fantastic food!).

We found the Tree of Life. 

Ferry Ride

We went to Seattle to visit Uncle Tom, Aunt Jen and Cousins Maddy and Annabelle.  It was a camping trip, so we took the ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula.  

Maddy got to ride in the boys' car with Axel, Tom and Karsten.

Hair gel or windy ferry ride?

Where is everyone?

Everyone enjoyed the ferry ride.

chef Axel

On this vacation, every person was responsible for cooking at least one dinner for the group.  Tante Jane helped Chef Axel cook his first dish.  She asked him "What would you like to make?"  - PIZZA

They worked pretty hard, and it turned out delicious!