Monday, September 30, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pool Party

It was SO much fun going to our friend's pool party last weekend!

Finally Axel had a good reason to wear his new goggles, 
though that has never stopped him in the past from wearing them . . .

The boys showed off their super soakers

And after dinner, all the kids enjoyed some (hilarious) story time

Victory Dances: the REAL competition in bowling

Show and Tell

Axel was a little shy, but he survived his first Show and Tell

Spray the Fire Hose

When we were camping we were visited by the local fire department who gave an interactive fire safety lesson - the real fun was spraying the fire hose!

Badminton Lessons

Badminton lessons from someone who knows . . .

Breakfast Shenanigans

We are learning to count, and eat, on our fingers . . .