Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First Dental Visit

This morning Axel had his first visit to the pediatric dentist (I know its late!), and I was surprised to discover that those are SUPER FUN places to go compared to regular dentists.  The waiting room had video games, books, and toys everywhere, and the first thing the dental technician said to Axel was,  "Hi! Can you help me pick out a movie to watch during your cleaning?"

He picked Cars, and basically stared at the TV attached to the ceiling the whole time.   
He was a great patient, as the sticker notates. 

At one point Axel was escorted to a special room to get some X-rays done.  He received a coin to insert into the "toy tower" (a gumball machine without gum) which earned him a prize bouncy ball.  


Afterward, the dentist counted and checked his teeth - so far, looking very good!  The dentist taught me all sorts of new information such as when to expect his first teeth to fall out (age 6), which desserts are the worst (sticky chewy candy like gummy worms are bad - luckily ice cream and chocolate are OK - whew!), and when Axel should graduate to using"big boy toothpaste" (now).  I learned a lot.

Finally it was time for the cleaning: 
"Which flavor toothpaste do you want?  Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Bubble Gum, Strawberry. . . .?"

When we left they sent us home with all sorts of swag: not just the normal tooth stuff but also a tote bag, coffee mug, and even a kids T-shirt.  Wow! Why they don't they do all this for adult patients?

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