Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ben and Max

Our best friends from Michigan came to visit us to escape the polar vortex
 so we showed them a pretty (sunny) good time.  

They have twin boys, Max and Ben, who are two and half, 
and of course Axel LOVED playing with them all day every day

Axel is not usually the older kid, so he enjoyed showing them around.  
"Listen up son: Here's how you scoop water out of the ocean and dump it into sand . . . "

"Here's how you fly a military plane" (at the Midway museum)

He also showed them how to use his bouncy house OUTSIDE - oooooh!!

And Rasmus Klump (the danish book about a pancake-eating bear) was a MAJOR hit.  Shawn demonstrated great prowess by having all three boys seated on his lap while reading it in Danish.  Needless to say, several encore readings were required.  

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