Monday, May 26, 2014

Camping 3.0

Memorial Day weekend = Camping 3.0!!  This time we added some new friends to the mix and it was TOTALLY FUN!

Bohdan and Axel slept in their their very own kid's tent . . . for about 10 minutes . . . then they moved back in with their parents.  Still too young to fly the nest, but nevertheless quite excited to play in their own "fort" all weekend long.

Drew brought a big axe which came in handy both for chopping firewood and for transporting hot coals onto the dutch oven.  Mmmm the resulting lasagna was so yummy!

Flashlights shaped like light sabers serve multiple functions, especially on the battlefield:

On the final day Axel got pretty banged up from a high speed scooter crash, poor guy!

Drum Circle

Kiddie Pool Party

Step One: Fill up the Tank

Step Two: Splash Around Solo

Step Three: Invite the neighbors for a Kiddie Pool Block Party!!  

Goofy Dinnertime Antics

Kitten Wrestling

At Lonnie's house, playing with the kitten stick toys:

School Picture Day

School Pictures arrived for 2014, and this one really cracks me up.  I love the southern California "beachy" background and the way they styled Axel's hair and posed his hands, totally classic!

For a comparison, here was last year's school picture, taken in February 2013:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Track and Field

Since Axel was getting a little tired of soccer, we decided to mix it up by signing him up for Track and Field at the YMCA.

The coach helped them practice a good starting position.
After all, it shaves off several milliseconds from your time!

This week they worked on hurdles, next week will be the javelin throw . . .