Saturday, July 5, 2014

America's Birthday

We are rarely Stateside on the 4th of July. This year was different. The day started with a parade in our neighborhood followed by playtime in the local park.

Axel with friends from preschool.

We had two 4th of July BBQs to attend. The second one was with Jaya - another friend from preschool.

Roasting marsh-mellows. 

Getting the fun going with some sparklers.

After a little persuasion Axel was ready to hold his own sparkler.

Headed to the park to watch the fireworks. 

Play Time

Certain things in life are just true and beyond dispute: Strawberries are delicious, the Cubs will never win the World Series and a child's best play mate is a retriever dog. 

Tense moments before the action....

And they're off!

Luna wins the race.

Taking a break.

Baseball with Grandpa and Honus

Grandpa invited us all to a Padres baseball game. Axel started the day with a big ice cream cone.

We decided to see what the whole selfie-craze is about. 

Ice cream done - ready to catch a foul ball (no luck).

A fun outing with Grandpa. 

Surf's Up!

When Honus visited he took Axel out for his first surf lesson. They were pretty pumped to go deep into the surf.

And here they are and about five minutes later . . .

After that they decided to stick to land

Farm Life

Two little cowboys playing on top on the hay

Axel goes horseback riding for the first time

 petting the guinea pigs - aww they are so sweet!

a selfie with me and Mr. Squeaks


A word of advice: 
Never give a pair of four years old control of a paddle boat, 
unless you want them to go absolutely NOWHERE

Fathers Day 2014

This is our fathers day tradition: Rhubarb pie, mmmmm!