Sunday, September 21, 2014

Things got weird on the Blue Planet

We went to the Blue Planet aquarium along with Thilde, Jesper, Jane, Mikkel and Charlotte. Thilde volunteered to be an assistant to the museum science girl and her friend Hik, the Hammerhead Shark (Hik made several toddlers in the audience cry).

Fake fish exhibit.

Checking out some cool spotted rays.

Some of the fish were huge.

Posing in front of a school of Piranhas.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Airfield

We went to play at an abandoned military airfield near Claus and Helle's house. You could still see the old hangars and military installations and play on the 3 mile landing strip. Pretty cool.

Great place for kite flying....

...except for the lack of wind. 

Light was perfect for some 80's band pictures.

You could also try the old military obstacle course. After a successful run Axel and Anton decided to chill and take in the sun setting over Sealand. Beautiful evening.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Pilgrimage of sorts

 Axel and I - along with Jesper and Niklas - went to see the world's best football team, Br√łndby IF. 

This team plays their home games about 5 km east of where I grew up. This was Axel's first visit to the stadium.

Getting ready for the match. 

This match was special. It featured the return of home town hero Danial Agger who has played for Liverpool FC for the last 8 seasons. Unfortunately he was slightly injured and didn't play. 

Axel showing true team spirit.

Shopping with Thilde

Axel and Thilde went grocery shopping with Tante Jane.

Nothing better than kid sized shopping carts.

"Should we buy this one?"

In egalitarian Denmark you bag your own groceries.

More shopping action.

Picking Up Thilde

Axel and I are in Denmark. Axel's best friend in Denmark is Thilde, Mikkel's daughter. Axel went with Tante Jane to pick her up from school.

Thilde is giving Axel the tour of her school.

The tour included a mandatory stop at the school play ground.

In Denmark the students sign themselves out after the school day.

Trying out the play ground.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grandma adventures

Grandma came to visit for the weekend and we had lots of fun showing her all our favorite things.  

Axel showed her how to make a really cool marble shoot

We took her to the beach to play with the sand toys

Luna taught her how to throw the dog toy into the ocean so she could fetch it right away

And then Luna requested it be thrown again and again . . . 


Axel showed Grandma the fish at the pet store

And then he talked to his friend Turtle (whom Grandma pointed out was a red-earred slider)

Thanks for such a fun visit Grandma, we miss you already!  :)

Welcome Theo

Axel got to meet his new cousin Theo this summer - welcome to sunny San Diego!

Enjoying a gorgeous family day at the beach

Ray showed Theo how to make a sand castle

As usual, Ray got really into the production of it and took this project quite seriously, 
while Theo eventually fell asleep