Sunday, April 19, 2015


We took a weekend trip to Detroit to see our friends Shawn and Becky (and twins Ben and Max). We had a great trip. We visited the amazing Henry Ford Museum. I had never heard of this museum and it was absolutely fantastic. Exhibits included full size old steam trains (shown above), presidential limos (including the one Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated) and steam engines from the dawn of the industrial revolution.  

Detroit is a car-city so of course there was car repair shop playground.

Shawn reads the Hungry Caterpillar to Max and Axel....

....while the rest of us enjoyed the early Detroit spring sun.

Green Cards

At Axel's pre-school the kids get awarded colored cards according to behavior. Axel has a competition - I think primarily with himself - to see how fast he can collect 20 green cards. Then he gets to pick a surprise from the school treasure chest. We are grateful that he hasn't yet been awarded the dreaded red card (for "being naughty" as Axel says).

Piano Lessons with Dad

Cat Bite

At the San Diego Zoo, the teeth of a saber tooth tiger chomp on Axel's head!

Bedhead Easter

Axel woke up very early to try to catch sight of the Easter Bunny in action but he got away unseen

Axel still enjoyed finding the eggs left in the yard

Later Ellis came with a basket full of even more Easter candy and they played all night together - fun!