Monday, June 29, 2015

Scooter ride with the local girls

There are lots of kids living in Farmor's building - all girls. Today Axel and them all went for a scooter ride (sorry for the poor video quality  - Axel is in the red shorts).

Axel Square

Axel has his own square located near my mom's apartment ("torv" means a small square. "plads" is the correct word for a large square - more like plaza. I don't think there is an Axelplads in Denmark (yet - no pressure Axel....)).

Get off the road!

Coming this fall on NBC! The crime-fighting duo of Line the Speed-demon and her loyal sidekick Axel.

Family Trip to Bakken

This Sunday we took a family trip to Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park (at least that's what they claim but who knows?). I have many fond memories of this place from childhood. In case you are wondering about this place vs. Tivoli, then the old rule was Bakken=working class, Tivoli=hoity-toity. Of course, these rules don't really apply anymore,but Bakken is definitely a place where you will see a diverse selection of Danish society (and these days lots of Swedes who can reach Bakken easily by train). 

Axel talked a big game on the train ride to the park about all the rides he was going to try but once there he was a little timid. As you can clearly see from this image, even with Cousin Line as a calming presence he was a bit anxious on some of the faster rides.

Much happier now that the ride is over.

....on to the next attraction.

How much fun is it to throw baseballs at dinner plates? And win prizes for doing it? In case you are wondering, the answer is: A lot!

The good old trusty carousel ride.

Playing the Wheel of Fortune with Line and Uncle Jesper. 

Farmor and Axel trying their luck at the coin drop machine. 

Axel finished second in the horse race game. No prize, sadly.

Ball toss - getting hints from Farmor (the old pro). 

Axel won and chose two lollipops for his prize.

Dumbo is always a hit.....

....unlike the Tea Cups (don't ever mention that word to Axel again).

After the horrific Tea Cup incident, Axel had to console himself with a lollipop. 

Rubber ducky fishing.

Pick you prize (squirt gun).

Ice cream break.

Fun swan ride with Line. Below people were getting drenched on the water ride.  

In Line for the next ride. What a great day!


Annual summer trip to Denmark has started. For now just Axel and Far. Mom will join later this week.