Thursday, September 3, 2015

At the end of the world...(well - of Sealand at least)

At the end of our Denmark trip we stayed at a vacation house with Claus and his family in the north west region of Sealand called Odsherred, From here it is possible to drive to the westernmost point of Sealand called "gniben". It is a military area, but you are allowed to go in for hikes. There are huge cannons in there, used to protect the Danish waters. I asked Axel why he thought the cannons were there. He said "it is for people who don't follow the rules", which I guess is correct.

This is "gniben" - as far west as you can get on Sealand. 

Time to find some rocks.....

..and then throw them in the ocean.

We finished the hike by building a rock sculpture. A beautiful day. 

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