Saturday, November 28, 2015

Annual Texas Turkey Trot

Over our annual thanksgiving visit to Austin, Axel participated in the 1K race for the third time. Uncle Xaq ran as well.

Axel caught two of the "turkeys" during his race (adults dressed as turkeys).

  This was the first year where I think Axel really got into the race - he put in an impressive finishing sprint,  making it difficult for his race photographer (i.e., me) to keep up.

Hanging out with Uncle Honus and Aunt Violet after the race. 

The Tooth Fairy

Axel has lost his first tooth. This is something Axel has been waiting for for a long time - especially since his friend Bo has already lost two.

Axel put his tooth in a plastic bag under his pillow. Overnight the tooth fairy came by and left him a shiny gold dollar coin.