Sunday, March 6, 2016

Science Festival

Axel and I went to a Science Festival in San Diego. This is a festival trying to get kids excited about science. Axel - sporting a 4 day old play ground face injury - won a baseball after controlling a robot around a track.

Axel learned about the polluting effects of rain water run-off.  

Then it was time to build an asteroid out of clay.

Finally, Axel made is own DNA bracelet.

Future scientist? who knows - in any case it was a fun day.

Sunday Trip to the Park

Different modes of transportation for everyone.

Time to play.

Xmas 2015

This year we decided to do like all the hipsters do and chop down our own tree.

Everyone is helping out.

 Line and Axel getting it done.

Then it was time to decorate the tree.

Three-person art school portrait.

Axel also help out tante Jane in the kitchen.

Thilde and Axel planted fresh flowers for farfar. 

Axel getting ready for Christmas dinner.

As usual we all over-ate in a futile effort to get the almond.....

...which Axel got!

Finally time for what it is all about....presents!

Thilde and Axel were always ready to lend a helping hand with unwrapping.

Lego is always a hit.