Saturday, April 9, 2016

Playing with Theo and Pia

San Miguel de Allende

The day after we arrived in San Miguel we first went for a walk around town. This included a stop at the local market.

Axel wasted no time spending his 100 pesos (a gift from a friend) on a cross bow.

Next up we were invited for brunch at cousin Ray's friend Maika's bed-and-breakfast. It was a beautiful and tranquil setting. If you are ever in San Miguel and need an upscale bed-and-breakfast, look up Casa del Parque Bed & Breakfast.

Next Axel tried the play ground in the park.

Then we stopped by cousin Ray's house. Very nice.

There are many beautiful old churches in San Miguel. You can spend an entire day seeing them.

What a fun day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hola Mexico!

We took a weekend trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. We flew out of Tijuana airport. This is now ridiculously easy to do: You park your car on the US side of the border and then simply walk across the newly opened footbridge that puts you right in the departure terminal in Tijuana.

Here we are on our way across the bridge. 

Two countries at once!

Arrived in our rental house in San Miguel, This house had (a) on old school desk,(b) the fastest internet connection I have ever experienced and (c) the most confused roosters I have ever encountered.

Birthday Party

Visit from Seattle

Maddie June and Annabel came to San Diego for a weekend visit. Axel showed them the Zoo.

One of the giant pandas lost in thought.... was Axel.