Sunday, April 15, 2018

Boat Ride in Mexico City

On our last day in Mexico City we went on a boat ride at Xochimilco. This is a popular weekend destination for the locals - people have picnics on little boats. It was really fun to see. This is clearly not in most tourist guides since I didn't see a single tourist there besides us.

Some of the boats had bands on them that you could rent - they would sail up next to your boat and play music for you. 

Other boats sold food. Axel wanted to try the corn which they served with powdered cheese.

Axel was the big kid for once. 

No picnic without Mezcal. I admit that I have found this hard to drink in the past but I really woke up to the wonders of Mezcal on this trip. It just pairs perfectly with Mexican food.

 We had the whole boat to ourselves - chairs and picnic table included. A really fun afternoon!

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