Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Galapagos Part 3: Beaches, Rainbows & Stingrays

The next morning started out with a rainbow! 

We went to one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever encountered. 

Axel played in the sand with the other kid in our group - we were so lucky that out of only 15 passengers on our cruise ship there was another 15 year old boy!

the crab walk is so cute! 

 As I waded in the water, the sting rays swam around my feet, such a beautiful experience!

This island had an old fashioned post office where they use to leave mail that other travelers would check the address to see if it was in the direction they were heading.  If it was, they would take it and hand deliver it to the recipients.  You can still send mail with this system today, so here we are sorting through the postcards to see if we can deliver any  postcards to San Diego - and we found one! 

a whale carcass

The crew played soccer during our free time at the beach

Axel spotted a sea lion bathing on the shore 

Another sea lion was laying on the steps of our dock, 
so we had to go around her. She barely even looked up.

The dining room of our EcoGalaxy cruise ship

Nearly every meal had freshly caught white fish and some version of plantains... 
Here plantains are mashed up into a huge "meatball"

Grandma & Axel bonding time

Another amazing sunset

She's always the bird watcher!

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